Water Treatment

Here are the most common questions related to our local drink water

Question: Why do I have blue green stains in my sink?
Answer: You’re most likely have a -pH problem – pH is caused by the presence of carbon dioxide in groundwater having an impact by increasing the water’s acidity & corrosive quality. Low pH causes pinhole leaks in copper piping systems, premature water heater failures, the tell tale blue-green stains and overall water system degradation. This is a very common condition caused by a lack of limestone within your local geology This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible, your copper piping is getting eaten away by the low pH.

Question: Why do I have white or gray crusty scaly build-up on my shower heads and shower doors.
Answer: Hardness – is geologically caused by calcium and magnesium carbonates from dissolved limestone in groundwater. It’s indicated by white or gray crusty scaly build-up on glass surfaces, failed water heaters,dingy laundry, and soap scum problems.

Question: I have a very bad smell of rotten eggs in my water.
Answer: The first answer if you get that smell in both hot and cold water would be sulfur in your water. If it was just your hot water it maybe the anode rod in your water heater. Both of which are treatable.

Question: Why is my water reddish-brown?
Answer: Iron Bacteria, a non-health threatening organism that lives on iron as a food. It can show up as a reddish-brown mass. It usually appears as a very slimy film in toilet tanks on mild cases and around toilet and plumbing fixtures in severe cases. Again treatable with the right equipment.

Our Solution “The Right Equipment”: Master Water Conditioning Corp. They offer superior equipment and warranties. They offer free water samples and stand behind their product. Please click on the name above to be taken to their site for more information on their equipment and FAQs. There company is located in nearby Pottstown Pa.