Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The temperature of my domestic hot water seems to be a little too high and I would also like to save energy?
Answer: The average person feels comfortable with 120F degree water. Most if not all manufactures now set their water heaters to 120F. If you feel the temperature is too high you can follow the instructions in your manual to adjust the temperature. lf  you cannot find your manual, email us with the Brand, model and serial number and we will try to locate one for you free of charge

Question: I seem to run out of hot water very quickly when I wash the dishes or shower?
Answer: On electric water heaters it may be that the lower element needs to be replaced or the dip tube
broke off.

Question: I have blue-green stains in my sinks and tubs, what is it coming from?
Answer: The most likely case of this is a low Ph or acidic well water. The low Ph is eating the copper piping.Have your water tested by a licensed lab. We use and recommend Prosser Lab in Effort PA 570-629-2981

Question: How often should l have my domestic drinking water tested?
Answer: It’s good to have it tested at least once a year. If you have a problem with bacteria you may have to do it more often. We use and recommend Prosser Lab in Effort PA 570-629-2981

Question: Why does my domestic hot water smells like rotten eggs (sulfur)?
Answer: The most likely cause is the Anode rod that is installed in your water heater is at the end of its life and will need to be replaced. lf it’s a new installation you may have to have the anode rod replaced with a different material.

Question: Does my air conditioner run out of refrigerant?
Answer: No, your air conditioning system is a closed loop system. It starts at point A and returns to Point A. IF you need refrigerant added to your system every year or so, you have a leak. This leak should be repaired by a qualified service company like us as soon as possible. Besides running inefficiently, you may cause permanent damage to your compressor.

Question: How often should I have my heating and air conditioning systems checked?
Answer: All manufactures recommend you have a qualified service company service and inspect you equipment yearly. This is your best defense against small problems turning into a catastrophic failure. Most if not all manufactures require proof of service for failed parts covered by a warrantee.

Question: Why does my water pressure in my shower decrease very low and then increase?
The most likely problem is with your well tank (the blue tank, in most cases). We suggest you have us come out at your earliest convenience to address this problem. If your well tank is not functioning properly it may cause permanent damage to your well pump.

Question: When should I replace my existing Heating and Cooling equipment?
The average life of your equipment is 12 to 15 years. The trick to having them last much longer is with regular annual maintenance.

Question: Should I really consider having a service contract?
Answer: Much like home and auto insurance, you never plan to use it but its there when you need it. With service contracts you never need to remember when your equipment needs to be serviced because we send you notification of due inspections and maintenance. You also get peace of mind that most repairs will be covered by this service contract.